About SafeT

The clue is in the title. We want to feel Safe. We are Strong enough to have come this far. We are aware and happy to help raise Awareness. We want others to help make it possible for all Transgender people to enjoy the Freedom we are sometimes denied. We want to work together to Empower ourselves and other Transgender people.

SafeT was created when a Transgender person heard that a 15 year old child hanged themselves because they did not understand their gender identity.

“I felt that I understood why this child had committed suicide without ever knowing them because I had lived in a partially wrong body myself. I studied a report called Engendered Penalties (PFC 2007) and was horrified when I learned that 34 % of Gender Variant people attempt suicide. Two weeks later I was standing in a conference room in a local hospital sharing all I could in an effort to raise awareness about the issues Transgender People face. Our ultimate goal is to play a part in reducing the suicide attempt rate in Transgender people from 1 in 3 to zero”.