SafeT is an Organisation for People who are Transgender. We offer Advocacy, Buddying, Social Contact, Information and Training.

R.I.P Vikki Thompson 8/2/1994 - 13/11/2015

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SafeT have been working with young people from Yorkshire on a project which encourages them to exercise their rights. We are currently producing a short film - IT’S MY RIGHT

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IT’S MY RIGHT will ensure that every young Trans viewer knows that they have a right to be themselves, in school, at college at work, at home, in hospital, in the street etc. This film will have viewers better informed and feeling able to challenge people who are so often misinforming young people;- colleagues, peers, teachers, medics, employers etc. Young people will be better equipped to deal with situations where people in authority have made the wrong call with regards to respecting their rights. It will also serve as a good information resource for people who work with and around young Trans people

IT’S MY RIGHT is funded/supported by:
 gendered intelligencein communitiespolice and crime commissioneryorkshire mesmacaspire igen

 SafeT Seminars

We continue to run seminars in West Yorkshire to raise awareness about being Transgender. If you would like to be involved or if you would like to attend a seminar to learn more about Transgender please get in touch. The seminars are funded and supported by Yorkshire MESMAC and West Yorkshire Police Safer Communities Fund.

What people have said about our seminars......

“I feel I that I have a much deeper understanding of the issues and feelings which are involved”

“Fantastic and thank you so much to you all for sharing so much to help others. A brilliant day, so glad I came”

“Excellent presentation, told from the heart. Thanks for keeping it real”

Are you struggling with medical practitioner - A Dr ? A practice nurse or maybe your GP - everyone who is working for the NHS is required to treat Transgender people with dignity and respect. If you need guidance on how to complain then please get in touch. safeT have regular contact with the right people in the NHS who want to help make sure that all people have a positive experience of health care. If you have some good feedback about a service please let us know so we can let other people in your area know which services provide respectful treatment.

SafeT organise social events which aim to get people out and about, meeting others like themselves and taking part in healthy activities.

BUDDY ing scheme
Dont worry if you don't want to attend group get togethers. We have details of a number of people who are looking for other people in their age range/ local area or for people with similar interests to themselves.

Read the article about keeping safe with hormone therapy

Report T Crime in confidence

Leeds Lads
Once a month we meet in Leeds for drinks, free pool and a laugh, lads only! If you want to join in, please contact us for details of when and where.

Trans Events in Manchester
Check out the activities page for events happening in Manchester, including Trans only swimming and football. 

TDOR- Transgender Day Of Remembrance: 20th November

25 people joined us in Bradford on the Walk of Remembrance, from Trafalgar House Police Station to Centenary Square, where a candle-lit vigil was held on the steps. 

Transgender Day of Remembrance takes place on 20th November annually. It began in 1998. For more detailed information about this day try these links but please be warned some of the information on these sites can be upsetting.